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law-enforcement officers. state police and 50 federal agents are involved in this one. if you see this man, they do believe he has explosives with him. there is a multiple-state all- manhunt for 25-year-old laurence stewart. >> he has made three bombs and deploy them. morenot know anything vicious than that. a county sheriff's detective live here, and his e able tombers wer unharmed, even though the bomb damaged three rooms. be it wasght may something from the storm -- a explosion, power surge, like that.razy never thought a bomb. people were not home at the time, but no one was hurt. investigators say the targets criminal previous n the countyns i wanted forrt is exposure and violating protective order in earlier case involving an ex-girlfriend. news obtained this of heavilye video d equipment when mobileties searched a after theortly bombing. of a booby concerned trap. until thisnot stop man is in custody. >> store grew up in and attended law school. -- stuart grew up in philadelphia -- stewart grew up in philadelphia. now live look at the charges. stewart faces two counts of f
-sex marriage, including maryland's. >> i no the vote will mean the law will be overturned. this issue will likely come down to support among african- american voters in the free state. >> join me in supporting question 6. >> marylanders for marriage equality have rolled out several ads featuring black pastors. >> it is about fairness, equality, and treating all people equally. >> the radio commercial also features president obama's support for gay marriage. >> my daughters and have friends whose parents are same-sex couples. >> we just believe that, you know fundamentally marriages between one man and one woman. it is more than about what two adults 1. >> opponents recently released as saying that question six could impact school curriculums. >> supporters say is not true. >> values are taught at home by the parents. that is why the mayor to quality has nothing to do with school. -- mayor richard quality has nothing to do with school. >> marilyn's democratic politics -- maryland's democratic politics could make it very favorable terrain. >> after election day, advocates on both sides
. manufacturers keep changing the chemicals in order to skirt the law. >> i am beyond frustrated. >> other shop owners say spice is ruining the downtown. >> it has been horrible. it is like a drive through. it is the spice drive through. >> they say customers loiter and smoke the drug in front of their shop. >> they're making a choice to purchase it. >> the owner has collected hundreds of signatures from people supporting his right to sell it. including bankers and an fbi agent. the store said its own policy of selling the drug to adults who show id. >> moments after buying some spice, these adult brothers share their struggle. >> if you do not have your world is ending. it is a very addictive. he uses it everyday. >> while it is legal it does not mean it is harmless. frederick memorial hospital has seen a significant jump in emergency room patients as young as middle schoolers because of spice. >> we're not sure what it is. >> police and lawmakers are working on a better way to ban the drug. >> i would like to see this go away. >> crier river. build a bridge and get over it. >> they're expecti
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3